Tuition for children aged 6-11

Is your child struggling to keep up at school? Or do they just need to gain more confidence in their own abilities?


Anne Kitchin from Hummingbird Tuition can help your child to reach their full potential.


One-to-one tuition allows children to progress quickly, because it is possible to concentrate on areas of weakness, making sure they understand everything, at every step. As a result, they are never left behind and their confidence increases as well.


Anne specialises in improving children's reading ages (often with dramatic results for the rest of their schoolwork) and getting children reading for pleasure, probably one of the most important factors in success at school.This works equally well for dyslexic and non-dyslexic children.


Equally, for children struggling with maths, Anne has a proven track record of improving children's levels quickly, as well as increasing their confidence.



If you would like to chat to Anne about how tutoring can help your child, please contact her on 07816 602695.





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