Testimonials for our parent-led "Achieve-at-school" course.


"Since participating in the course, I have been really surprised at Sarah's renewed interest in books. Having the experience and knowledge that Anne has to suggest suitable books that are engaging and easy enough for Sarah to want to read alone has been wonderful. The new passion for reading is really great to see and something which I am eager to continue to encourage."


"I would like to thank you so much for the help you have given myself and James.  He has progressed in such a short time from a boy who wouldn't read even small stories to himself , to one who is now enjoying reading children's chapter books on his own. He has always enjoyed Maths, and now I can see his love of reading developing too.  This will only increase as he experiences more and more of what the children's book world has to offer!  His favourites are Dirty Bertie and the Secret Seven!  On the journey you set us, he definitely enjoyed the Greek myths!  Thank you so much once again."


" I can't praise your reading system enough. My 8 year old daughter who found reading an uphill battle now wants to read and look up the meaning of words in the dictionary. She even has the confidence to read out loud in front of her friends. By going back one step, her reading ability has jumped three steps forward. Many thanks for your time and advice. A happy mum." 


 From the mother of a severely dyslexic 10 year old who we have worked with for 2 months. When we started she was not reading at all to herself.

"Louise is on her 3rd Jake Cake book; she loves them! She is on book 6 of the library summer reading challenge- I can't believe it!"


From the mum of a 7 year old, about a "Jake Cake" book (a very popular series that we use on our reading system).

" He loved it & couldn't put it down - said it was cooooool"




Testimonials for Anne's Tutoring


Anne formed an excellent professional bond with my son, who has been struggling with his reading, writing & spelling.  She offered and we embarked on, a test for showing dyslexic tendencies, which showed that this was the case.  Since then Anne has been extremely supportive both in providing tailored literary tutoring for my son and also in helping me to identify other contributory factors and ways of addressing these (e.g. coloured acetates for reading, extra 1-2-1 sessions within school time, school reading eye assessment & subsequent prescription).

We were so pleased with Anne's support that we were pretty disappointed when we learned that she was going to relocate to Surrey, but Anne has gone the extra mile to ensure that our son has not just been "dropped", offering to help us find another tutor or the option of Skype sessions - we have started the latter with Anne and this is working well (again she has given freely of her time to ensure that this be set up to suit us and to discuss any queries/concerns we might have had).

My son is making good progress in all the areas outlined above and Anne has played a significant part in that.  She has a very kind, calm manner with a focused approach - in short I would thoroughly recommend Anne for tutoring.





Anne is simply brilliant! She built rapport very quickly with our 5 (nearly 6) year old little boy and soon had him focusing on the task at hand. She kept Freddie engaged by doing a mix of tasks supplemented with lovely conversation. She is firm and very fair! Freddie looks forward to his visits and also taking home the lovely books we borrow.

Anne has given us confidence and reassurance in terms of Freddie's ability and how he is progressing through these early years of school.

Thank you Anne.




Anne is doing a fantastic job at supporting our son with his writing and reading. She is very skilled at selecting topics that engage him and he looks forward to his tutoring session every week. His writing has become a lot neater and his confidence with writing has increased, leading to him making a lot of progress. Many thanks for your great support!




"Anne's approach to teaching is very impressive. I was looking for a tutor who would prepare my daughter for her 6+ year Assessment. And she did her job brilliantly. Before taking actual tutoring sessions she assessed my child thoroughly so that she could understand the child's need and thus make her plan accordingly. She always keeps in touch with parents and discusses her next plan with them. She keeps her session very light and stress-free so that child didn’t feel tired at all. She really helped my daughter with her reading, writing and Maths. My daughter has shown tremendous progress in a short space of time, all thanks to Anne. She introduced us to various new books and techniques which proved to be very useful. She has been always ready to invest as much time and effort as possible. At the end all I want to say is-thanks very much Anne for tutoring my daughter. We felt really confident with you being around."





Our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at the beginning of Year 6 and was struggling a lot at school - both in keeping up with the work, and also with her self-esteem and confidence. We wanted a tutor who could help her feel confident on her journey towards secondary school and who also had an understanding of dyslexia and the difficulties it presents for a child. As soon as myself and my daughter met Anne, we knew she was exactly the right person to help. Her caring, patient approach, coupled with her knowledge and interest in dyslexia, meant that our daughter felt that she was being helped by someone who really understood the best way for her to learn. Anne’s expertise has also helped to show us, as parents, how we can help our daughter at home. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, she has helped our daughter’s confidence increase in both herself and her abilities.





Anne was fantastic with my two children (ages 10 and 8). I initially selected her to help my daughter prep for entrance exams but because of her amiable personality and success with my daughter, I also asked her to work with my son. Anne always worked hard to set goals and to prepare appropriate lessons for each of my children. In particular, she went above and beyond with my daughter to ensure she was completely ready for all aspects of her entrance exams by providing additional review documents, schedules and support. My daughter was subsequently offered places in all three of the schools for which she sat exams. We have tried other tutors in the past and have liked Anne by far the best. She is professional, kind, good with children and gets results. We hope to continue to work with her in the future as the children get older and face new academic challenges.





Anne is a brilliant, professional tutor who was of immense help to my daughter. Within a short period of teaching my daughter, she identified that she seemed to be mildly dyslexic and modified her teaching style accordingly. She was totally committed to ensuring a successful outcome for my daughter and even when she was abroad she would hold online sessions. As part of my daughter's preparation for SATS, Anne would have daily catch ups with her to prepare for the next exam. Her commitment to my daughter was impressive and I am very grateful for all her help. She was the best investment I have made and was worth every penny.



Anne has been tutoring my 8 year old daughter for a few months now and has already worked miracles. My daughter has lacked confidence with her maths for some time now. Anne has shown her a visual way to do calculations which has helped and improved her skills when processing numbers.

Her teachers at school are noticing and commenting on her progress, which is fantastic. Anne is reliable, punctual and has a lovely way of dealing with children and I would not hesitate to recommend her!



Anne, thank you so much for your patient, kind and encouraging input over the past few months - we have really appreciated it, and have certainly seen such a difference in Ella's confidence and ability.



Testimonials for Davis courses


The Davis course has helped my son beyond belief.Before the course, it was a battle to get him to read anything, but now he reads because he actually enjoys it! The principles of the course really make sense and the process is extremely interesting. It has developed my son's general learning skills and I believe it will continue to have a positive effect on many aspects of his life.




Being a non-dyslexic parent, it was very frustrating to understand the difficulties my daughter, aged 7, was having with reading and writing. I was introduced to Anne via our local dyslexia centre and found the Ron Davis course she did with my daughter over a week to be very enlightening. It now made sense why my daughter would misread words, stumble over "easy" words and why getting her ideas down on paper was such a struggle. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience and now has some new tools to help her going forward. 



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