This section is for persons suffering with the condition known as ME/CFS. Often considered to be an immune system disorder, some, including my 21 year old son have regained their health by following a number of basic steps to restore the broken immune system.The information given on this page should not be seen as medical advice since it is not being provided by a qualified medical professional. It is simply details of

what allowed my son to regain 95% of his energy (we are working on the last 5% now).



One of the things we found to be very helpful in my son's recovery was using herbs, details of which you can find below.(We did make some changes to the Restore Kit mentioned in the link below - as well as doing many other things as well as the herbs- so if you would like full details of everything my son took, please email me at )

In the meantime, here is the link to the site for the herbs.Herbs for wellness



Best wishes and looking forward to hearing all your recovery stories!


Anne Kitchin- website owner.


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