Help your child to read and spell better by attending our "Achieve at School" course - for parents who want to help their child at home.


Do you have a child who struggles with reading and spelling?


Have you wondered whether your child might be dyslexic?


Are you having problems trying to persuade your child's school that something may be wrong?


If so, you are not alone.


In response to the many requests our company, Hummingbird Tuition, has from parents who are struggling to know how to help their children who find reading and spelling difficult (and may/may not be dyslexic), we are now running one day courses for parents to help children to improve their reading, spelling and handwriting.


Our new course " Achieve at school" provides you with an easy-to-follow toolkit that will:

  • vastly improve your child's reading age (often by 2.5 years in 6 months)
  • get your child reading for pleasure
  • teach your child to spell three quarters of all words used in children's everyday writing, giving them the confidence to launch into creative writing
  • help them to improve their handwriting
  • by improving their reading, allow them to access all areas of the curriculum, right up to GCSE and beyond.We find that helping children to read properly, often considerably improves their maths scores as well.



Would you like to be able to say the following, by the end of this academic year?


" I can't believe the difference in my child's reading."


"My child's reading age has improved by 2.5 years in just 6 months"


"The teachers are amazed at how well he's doing this year"


"I never thought she would choose to pick up a book and read for pleasure"?


Our one day course will enable you to help your child, so that soon you really will be saying all these things.


All the statements above have been made by the parents of our pupils about their children. Up until now, Anne Kitchin, owner of Hummingbird Tuition, has mainly used this system when tutoring children 1 to 1. But we understand that private tutoring is an expensive option. By following Anne's step-by-step programme, you can easily guide your child through this process yourself, saving yourself hundreds of pounds in the process.


True, you will need to devote some time to helping your child (around 20-30 minutes a night), but you will be giving them something that is truly priceless- the skills to succeed at school and the confidence to enjoy their schooldays.


For the price of little more than 2 private lessons, you will have all the knowledge you need to help your child to "Achieve at School".


Our 1 day course which runs from 10.30-4.00pm and includes is priced at just £95. No VAT is chargeable.


Please contact us for our next course dates.




















































































































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